Post Week 16 AcademyFor the first time in ages we had beautiful sun and a wonderful night to train in, a week ago we had snow!!  The aim of the session tonight was combination play in and around the goal.

We started with a simple drill where one player travelled down a wide channel before crossing low and hard to the far post where another player tried to score first time.  We emphasised the quality of the cross and the timing of the run to arrive at pace and finish with one touch.

We progressed this on to an overlapping drill.  A wide player passed the ball to a central player, and she then followed the ball in front of the second player before receiving a pass wide to chase.  The central player ran the opposite direction beyond the far post and again tried to finish with a first time finish.  The girls realised that an overlapping run is a great way to beat an offside trap, but the timing of the run and the pass have to be good.  We kept reminding the girls to travel at pace, to think about a match situation, and to make the session game realistic.

The final drill was using two players central.  One player passed the ball forward to another, who returned the ball first time, and she immediate then ran wide.  The ball was then passed wide and the first player made a run beyond the far post, to receive a cross from the other player, to again try to score first time.  The challenge for the players was could they complete this move at pace and with only 5 passes.  Top marks went to Chloe J and Chloe H who managed this on several occasions, very impressive to watch.

What was brilliant to watch tonight was how much the girls concentrated and gave 100%.  The season is drawing to an end yet they all worked extremely hard, very impressed coaches!

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