PostWith 4 players missing in week 4 of the futsal at Huntington School we finally got to play 5v5 at futsal!

We started the session with a bit of keep ball, with half the players not having a ball.  The players had 30 seconds to either get a ball or keep the ball.  We reduced the area and the number of balls and ran the exercise again.  Finally we went to a very small area and only had 3 balls!  Well done to Eddie for his close control!

Click here to see some images from the fourth futsal session.

The main session was on recovery runs, a very hard topic and involves a lot of work from all the players.  One side defends and one side attacks, with all players starting just over the halfway line, apart from one defender who starts just outside his own area.  As soon as the attackers start, the defenders must run 3 metres in the opposite direction before they can recover and defend.  The defenders have to work really hard to try to influence the game, and the lone defender has to work hard to try to delay the attackers as long as possible.  If the defenders win the ball, they attack the other goal until the ball goes dead.  Great work ethic from Max, he didn’t stop running when attacking and defending!

Click here to see some video highlights of the session.

We finished the session by playing only half a court and getting the players to shoot as early as possible, with emphasis on creating only half chances but shooting as soon as the opportunity presented itself.  At first the players wanted to walk the ball into the net, and at times didn’t shoot but passed the ball instead.  By the end, they were shooting as soon as they could and started to see how important this is in futsal.

Special mention goes to Grace for her brilliant ‘nuts’ on Joe, he still doesn’t know how she did it!  Another great session with the players from Huntington School, they really are a talented group!

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