PostWeek 14 of the Futsal and we concentrated on some defending tonight. We had two goals placed side by side with a 3 metre gap between them. One defender had to defend each goal at a time against an attacker, first the left goal and then the right. It is a high intensity work out for the defenders, and all the girls gave 100%. Special mention goes to Kimberly and Lucy for their extra hard work.

We then progressed this to two defenders against one attacker, seeing if they could work as a team to defend the two goals again. This is hard work because the girls had to learn to communicate more and work as an effective team.

In the final match we asked the girls to see, when needed, if they could defend like they had in the practice. It was great to see some of the passing from one side of the court to the other, the attempted back heels and flicks. Over the last few weeks the confidence of the players has improved no end, and the coaches were very impressed.

When the snow comes, keep your ‘tekkers’ going strong! Only £4.50 to have a go!

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

We got the boys doing the same defending exercise but we made the goals slightly further apart and also increased the distance the attackers had to run from. Again all the boys put in a great effort. We moved on to two defenders against two attackers to see if the boys could work as a defending unit. Some managed better than others and special mention goes to Matthew and Noah who worked really hard together.

In the final match we limited the boys to three touches, and they could only score from a set area. This makes them pass and move better, rather than try to run through everyone. We know they don’t like restrictions but when we see how well they play under these conditions; it makes the coaches smile.

Player of the Week for the Girls was Rachel – she didn’t stop running from the first minute to the last, and even though she missed a penalty, she made up for it with a cracking goal of her own, brilliant performance!

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Player of the Week for the Boys was Sam – he tried really hard tonight and also scored a cracking goal, albeit outside the scoring zone. He ran all night and is a seriously quick player, well done Sam!


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