When the weather is a bit unsettle and the temperature drops, we ALWAYS know futsal will be on! Some fantastic comments from the parents about exactly this today – it’s the secret that we all know!

We started the first group with a few communication games, sorting out height, age, shoe sizes, surnames and first names, with a short sprint if they got any out of sequence. The main session was about keeping the ball, being brave in possession, trying to use your body to shield the ball and travelling at speed when the opportunity arose. Great work from everyone in the group, with plenty of fantastic full court recovery runs!

Player of the week for the younger group was Anna W – she is one of the most experienced girls in her age group. Today we challenged her to try and keep the ball in play, wherever she was on the court, rather than just kicking it away. She really did rise to the challenge and looked the fantastic futsal player we all know she is! Well done Anna!

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

After a warm up from Coach Paul, we worked on various attacking situations with differing numbers of players on court, with the decision to attack either goal, change that decision and work hard to finish the chance. Players had to be switched on as the numbers changed very quickly and they had to react to what the coaches instructed. The girls worked very hard for the whole hour and still wanted to play for longer, great to watch.

Player of the week for the older group was Freya D – She is one of our longest serving members and not far off her 100th appearance silver medal. We saw today, the desire to stop players from scoring with several full court sprints to block shot and be the last defender. Great attitude and application, one of the best Freya!

Sometimes as coaches we stand back and just watch what is happening on court. Is the learning being shown, are players improving, are they a team or a group of individuals? What we saw this week was so many different positives from so many different players of all ages. And with that, we left with huge smiles on our faces – thank you to each and every one of the players.

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