So a week after Chairman Chris finished his 30 x 5k runs in the month of November, we have a few stats for you to look over:

Total Distance Ran – 149km or 98 miles

Total Time Running – 15 hours 28 minutes 11 seconds

Total Attitude Gained – 1131 metres

Calories Burnt Running – 10807 kilocalories

Fell over once

Got lost twice

Ran into some recycling bins

Ran into some brambles

Got soaked twice

Scared a dog walker

One twisted ankle

Four sets of batteries used

Tons of pasta eaten

One tube of Deep Heat used!

After a few good nights sleep he spoke us, ‘The hardest part wasn’t the running, it was the mental part, just knowing every day you had to go for a run. Not having a single day off was hard, after a long day at work, you still had to get out there and run. I was very fortune with the weather, I only got soaked a couple of time and the snow only arrived on the last few days. The four 6am runs were pretty horrible, my legs were still in bed for these, and how I got round the last one, I honestly don’t know. All this said, I am proud that I finished, and the money we have all raised will hopefully go towards saving at least one life – thats all I thought about when the going got tough.’

Everyone at the club is extremely proud of Chairman Chris and what he achieved, and anyone who thinks this was easy, just look at the photo below and see the state his right ankle finished the month! Now tell us that he didn’t earn every single penny of that sponsorship

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