In November 2021 Bootham Girls’ & Ladies’ Futsal Club – York set out to raise money to buy the club its own defibrillator.  The club Chairman Chris Collins got sponsored to run 5k everyday during the month and the club had a fundraising futsal match in which players and parents played futsal for 4 non-stop hours.

The club was aiming to raise £1000 but after some amazing fundraising they managed to raise an amazing £3266.00.  This allowed the club to buy not one but three defibrillators, one to keep and two to donate.

Club Chairman Chris Collins said, ‘We set out to raise a £1000 to buy ourselves a defibrillator but the money just kept coming in, from all over the country, we even got a donation from Canada!  We asked the members of the club what they wanted to do with the money, and they all said unanimously that they wanted to buy more to give away.’

The first defibrillator has just been donated to Clifton Green Primary School after a request from the Head, Nicola Jones.  She contacted the futsal club asking them to consider the school.

She said, ‘It is amazing that the club would help us and our local community by donating a defibrillator.  To have the peace of mind knowing that we can help anyone in an emergency situation is such a good feeling and there is no way we could have ever afforded one without the help of Chris and his team. We are very grateful to have been selected and give huge thanks to everyone at the Bootham Futsal Club from all the pupils, families, staff and governors at Clifton Green and everyone in the surrounding community.’ 

The picture shows left to right Katie Samson – Bootham Ladies Player, Nicola Jones – Clifton Green Headteacher, Suzy Collins – Bootham Futsal Club Secretary, Kimberly Samson – Bootham Ladies Player, and Head Boy Numan and Head Girl Olivia.

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