Huntington Week 8 PostPro Coaching Academy were delighted to have been invited back after half term to carry on the futsal club at Huntington School.  The club had grown so big in the first half term we decided we needed to reduce the numbers to keep the quality of the sessions high.

So on Wednesday we started week 8 with 12 players, 11 actually as one was away ill!  We started with a quick game to see how much the players had remembered about futsal!  Well, not much was the answer!  We had a quick chat about some of the rules and the techniques and tried again!  This time the players showed some fantastic skills.

Huntington Week 8 ImageThe main drill of the session was recovery and doubling.  This is something football players struggle to understand.  In football when you lose possession and recover, you usually recover goal side of the play.  In futsal, because of the court size and the speed of the game, doubling is where you recover in front of the attacking player with the ball, with a defending player already behind the same attacking player, so in effect doubling up on the attacker.  Makes sense?

We did a simple drill highlighting what we were after, and then moved to a full court drill.  Some of the players understood what we were after, and at times doubled very well.  This is a hard concept to get, so the coaches were pleased on how we did.

In the final match we gave 2 goals for any goal scored using any futsal technique, i.e. toe poke, sole of the foot control, ‘sweaty’ finish or far post finish.  Grace scored a great toe poke and Archie was on the end of a great one touch move to finish at the far post.

Another good session with some very talented players, roll on next week!

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