On Saturday 25 February Bootham Ladies travelled to Hull to play a friendly against newly formed ladies team East Riding Futsal Club. The game was their first ever competitive fixture and chance for Coach Chris to give some players more court time. He also include several academy players to give them a taste of the level they need to achieve.

In what turned out to be a crazy futsal match, Bootham narrowly lost in a game that shared 19 goals! Bootham’s goals were scored by Kimberly S, Lucy GB, Denva C, Tegan H and Charlotte B.

Coach Chris said after the game, ‘Well that was amazing to watch, that could have ended any score. I was pleased at the way we started the game, the way we controlled the pace, but we quickly lost our shape and game plan, but that’s why you play friendlies. You often learn more about your team when you lose than when you win.’

Talking about the academy players, he said, ‘It was good to see Tegan and Ava get more game time, they certainly didn’t let us down and every minute they are on court improves their match craft and understanding of the game.’

Finally he talked about East Riding, ‘We really hope they join the league next year as it gives us another set of competitive game to play in and helps spread the word about female futsal. The very best of luck to Dave, Danny and Suey in their journey.’

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