After a week off due to the coaches both suffering from heavy colds, we were back at Manor Futsal Club.  We welcomed Travis for his first session, we hope to see lots more of you!

We started with a figure of 8 passing pattern in which the players followed a set rotation at first.  This was then progressed to changes of direction by the coach, causing a few moments of panic.  The players could then pass anywhere they wanted, making sure the receiving player knew the ball was coming their way.  Finally we asked the players to travel to another cone if there was no free player to receive a pass!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

The games afterwards were played on a full court with emphasis on moving the ball quickly.  Players still have a tendency to take too many touches of the ball and stay on the ball far too long.  We asked the players to take as few touches as possible, and move the ball quickly about the court.  The Blue team of Mr Foster, Sam, Katie, James G and Issac gave us the goal of the night with four one touch passes and a second post finish – perfect futsal!

Player of the week was James H.  He decided to put his shooting boots on tonight and boy did he score some cracking goals!  James is a natural futsal player and if he chose could easily make the grade at a higher level.  Well played James!

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