We welcomed another new face this week to the younger group, big hello to Lyla, we hope you had fun!

The younger group started with a fun warm up where they had to run around and then get themselves into different orders of height, age, shoe size, surnames etc.  These are great warm ups as players have to talk to each other to find out different bits of information!

We split the group again, with Coach Chris working on players running and stopping the ball at set points.  He advanced this onto players rolling the ball backwards when they controlled it, using the sole of their feet.  The other players worked with older Bootham Club members, Katie and Kim in a 4v4 game in which players were restricted to 2 touch only.  At first they were very crowded and followed the ball but after some advice they started to find space and slowed the game down.

The younger group are improving really quickly and we can’t wait to see what the future brings for these players!

Click here to see the images from this week’s sessions

The older group started with a similar warm-up, again makes them talk to each other, we love these sessions!

After the playing into the pivot last week, the coaches went back a step and played a game over the full court but with players fixed into set areas of the court.  The court was divided in 3 zones and the players played 1v1, 2v2 and 1v1 in these zones.  The ball had to be played through all the zones and you could only score in the final attacking zone.

The players did really well and the sessions advanced over several progressions with players being allowed to move into other zones to create overloads 2v1 and 3v2.  In the final part, players were allowed to go anywhere on the court as long as their team had one player in each zone at all times.

There was some breath-taking 1 touch play from Denva, Mia, Ruby and Chloe, moving the ball quickly from one of the court to the other!  But to be fair, there was great play from all the teams.  The future looks oh so very bright for these girls!

See you all next week for the last session before the half term break.

Player of the week for the First Hour was Anna.  The change in this young lady over the last 6 weeks has been amazing.  She scored her first goal in the games today and boy was she pleased!  Keep going Anna, brilliant to watch!

Player of the week for the Second Hour was Ellie.  She has taken her time in getting used to futsal but today she really showed how good she can be.  Her recovery and tackling was fantastic, as was her overall effort.  Well done Ellie!

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