As a club we had a long hard think about whether to run training this week. We explained to the parents that we understood if they wanted to keep their daughters away. It has not been an easy decision but after all the thinking the support we received today was amazing, what a fantastic turnout.

The first group started with a game of ‘Katie Said’ and boy, did the girls boss that one – back to the drawing board Katie!

We split the girls into 3 teams and they played each other in some 6 minute games. The first game had the girls limited to 3 touches. Limited touch games are always a challenge, but this group had no worries, it was brilliant to watch. They then moved onto having unlimited touches but a one touch finish, which makes the girls support the attacking player.

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group started with one of Coach Chris’s favourite passing drills. It starts really simple but quickly builds into loads of movement, communication and touches. Kimberly was given a little challenge to complete, which she just missed by one pass – never mind, better luck next time!

This group also played some conditioned games. The passing and movement from this older group is brilliant to watch, they have come on such a long way this season. They use the whole of the court and are quite happy playing backwards to keep possession. Best goal of the day involved 3 one touch passes from one side of the court to the other and a second post finish – well done Katie J, Lily, Kimberly and Eleanor!

With everything going on in the world at the moment, we are unsure if this might be the last session for a while. If it is, what a fantastic way to stop for a break, thank you so much to everyone!

Player of the week for the younger group was Jessica – She has only been with us a few weeks, but she had no problem in the limited touches game – making sure she first controlled the ball, then looked where her pass was going, simply brilliant to watch! Well done, Jessica!

Player of the week for the older group was Katie J – We have to keep reminding ourselves she is playing up with the older girls, something she wanted to do. Her touch and passing today were fantastic and she also managed a couple of good goals. Fab session, well done Katie!

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