Another week and another futsal session at Manor CE Academy.  We started the girls with a fun warm up, each player had a bib in the back of their shorts and they had to run around and ‘steal’ as many bibs from the other players without getting theirs ‘stolen’.

They progressed onto a passing session in which the players dribbled the ball across half of the court and then passed the ball to a team mate on the other side of the court.  We were looking at controlling the ball with the sole of their feet and the quality of the pass.  We worked on moving the ball to the side as they controlled it, using different feet to control and move the ball, control with one foot and set off dribbling with the other.

In the final match, players were numbered 1 to 4 and on the command of the coach they had to leave the court for about 30 seconds, creating an overload.

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

For the boys, we would like to welcome a new player tonight – Sam A.  Hope you had fun, Sam, and we look forward to welcoming you back every week!

The boys didn’t seem to be with it tonight.  Too much messing about and not really listening, especially on the warm up and the passing session.  It is a pity as in the matches the boys always give 100% and enjoy the competitive part of the game.

The boys forgot tonight that you have to have a good knowledge of the basics of the game to be able to actually play the game.  At times you have to concentrate on the basics to move forward.  Ah well, onward and upward and let’s see what happens next week!

Girls’ player of the week – Zoe – she showed some great passing tonight and scored an absolute cracker, well done Zoe!

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