Last week, the Department for Education published its new list of sports and activities that could be studied by students in Physical Education at GSCE, AS and A Level, and one of the new added sports was Futsal!

Futsal can now be offered by schools and colleges at these levels for courses beginning September 2020. This is a huge step forward for the sports, and one we hope gets more young players playing the game.

Click here to read the full report

A word of caution or thought, with PE class sizes being upwards of 30 plus, it will be interesting to see how schools can or will offer futsal in their chosen sports curriculum. Also, as school budgets get squeezed tighter and tighter, will the FA or Football Foundation offer financial support to schools and colleges that need the required equipment to promote the game, and for teachers wanting to gain the required coaching qualifications?

Overall it is a big positive step for the game, and one we know people have worked hard to achieve. We will watch this space with interest…

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