This week, we welcomed another girl coming to try futsal, hello Orla, we hope you had a fun time! The fantastic news was Summer, Toni and Lucy all became members this week – we are delighted to welcome you to the club.

The younger group worked on keeping the ball on the court. During all the practices today, if you kicked the ball out, the opposition got a goal. We worked from 1v1s, with everyone on the court at the same time, to 2v2 and eventually to a full court, where one team picked how many players they had, and the opposition had to match them. Brilliant work from all the girls in the first hour.

Click here to see the pictures from the session.

After a 2v1 warm up, the older group worked on 2v2 constant play across the whole court. This is really hard as one moment you are attacking, the next you are defending. We finished the session with a full court game, where the opposition got a goal if you put the ball out of play. It is so important in futsal to keep the ball in play.

Both sessions today involved a lot of running and some real hard work, which every single girl did without any complaints, and on top of that we got loads of smiles as well!

With new members joining this week, and another trialist booked in for next week, we are very nearly full. We are looking for U8s and U16s, so if you are interested, don’t delay and contact us now!

Player of the week for the younger group was Eve – she just never stops running! We are so very impressed by her attitude and never say die approach, just great to watch, and to top it all off, she loves scoring goals! Well done Eva!

Player of the week for the older group was Freya – she is another player who has moved up an age group this season but has shown absolutely no fear. We are really impressed by the way she has just got stuck in and her tackling has massively improved. Keep it going, Freya!

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