Futsal Week 3 PostWeek three of the futsal at Manor CE Academy saw several of the Year 8 girls missing from the club as they were playing in a tournament at Burnholme.  Needless to say the rest of the group got down to some hard work!

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Andy had the girls doing a turning and shooting drill. They were challenged to use both feet, which some of the girls found difficult, but all persevered and in the end were scoring some fantastic goals. The next practise was a transition drill, playing with a numerical advantage which the girls really enjoyed. It was the same drill that Chris had used with the York Railway Institute Girls U13 team last week.

In the final match Chris’s team finally beat Andy’s team and reversed Andy’s whitewash from last week.

The boys brought a new player, welcome Noah. He was surprised how much running and fitness is involved in futsal. He was also amazed at how quick the ball moved from one end to the other, but ultimately he had a good time.

The boys worked on turning and finishing before trying their hand at taking on either one, two or three defenders in a battle for the best striker.

In the final match, Chris Collins along with Mrs Collins and Mr Foster, named the ‘Oldies’ beat the boys, called the ‘Youngies’ in a hard fought game.  They even had to face the ignominy of Mrs Collins scoring twice past them!

Star player of the week was Jenna for her all round hard work, great technique and all with a huge smile on her face!

Jenna Award

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