Week 12 Post

With only one week to go, the coaches at Pro Coaching Academy decided to let the players play a competitive futsal match amongst themselves.  We decided to play 20 minutes each way, with a time out in each half after 10 minutes.

The Yellows had 6 players, so had to manage their own substitutions, whereas the Oranges had 5 players.  The Yellow Team was Joe, Eddie, Bailey, Oliver, Tom S and Isobel, whereas the Orange Team was Ben, Tom M, Joshua, Archie and Grace.

We played with normal goalkeeping futsal rules and 3 fouls per half.  Coach Chris was very strict as the referee, just to make the game more realistic.  At times the players thought the ref was being far too picky, but at least the players eventually got to grips with the rules!

The game started at a furious pace and the Oranges ran into a very quick 3-0 lead with some great one touch passing and far post finishing.  The Yellows came back well and grabbed a couple of quick goals.  Back came the Oranges and extended their lead to 5-2.  The Yellows then took total control of the game and at half time were leading 8-5.

We asked the teams to have a chat with themselves and see what they were doing well, what they could do better and what they were going to change.  It is always good to listen and see how players feel they are doing.  Overall both teams decided they needed to move the ball better and not be so greedy when in possession.

The second half started like the first and the Oranges scored 4 quick goals to go back into the lead.  The Yellows were under a lot of pressure but quick goals got them back level at 9-9.  With seconds to go in the game and the Oranges leading 13-12, they gave away a team foul resulting in a 10 metre penalty.  Up stepped Joe for the Yellows to equalise and send us to a penalty shoot-out!

The Yellows won the penalty shoot-out 4-3 with again Joe scoring the winner.

Goal scorers were:

Oranges – Joshua x4, Archie x5, Grace x 3 and Tom S.

Yellows – Tom M, Joe x7, Eddie x3, Bailey and Oli.

It was great to watch how the players managed themselves in a match situation, especially with time outs and foul count, something they don’t come across in football.  Great night, thank you to all!

Winning Team


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