As coaches we decided it was about time we played a proper Futsal match, with full rules for the players to see exactly what a match was like.

The girls were up first and we spent a couple of minutes explaining the rules and answering any questions they had.  Mr Foster took one team, Chris and Suzy swapped whilst running the other team.  Mr Fosters teams got off to a flyer with 4 very quick goals, but as is the way in Futsal, the opposition got the goals back quickly and from then on the match was very close.

The hour flew by but in the end Mr Fosters team ran out winners.  The girls really enjoyed the match and got to grips with the rules very quickly, albeit with a little leniency from the referee.

Click here for more images from the session!

The boys were up next and again we took a bit of time to explain the rules to them.  It was ‘Team Collins’ verses the ‘Rest’.  The players realised quite quickly that there is a lot of running in a match, so started to pace themselves better and not chase the ball all over the court.

Even though on paper Team Collins were weaker, the knowledge that Chris and Suzy bought helped them to a narrow win, especially when it came to slowing the game down so their team could get a breather.

After Easter we have a new school starting futsal with Pro Coaching Academy, and we will be organising a school game as soon as possible, watch this space!

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