Tonight we concentrated on taking goal scoring opportunities early and with either feet.  Often in practises and training sessions we allow the players to have far too much time to set themselves, pick a point on the goal and then shoot.  In a match this is not really realistic, the chance is there for only a split second.

We set up two goals only 20 metres apart and on a narrow pitch.  Each goal keeper had a number of balls in the back of the net and the emphasis was on shooting early and as soon as the chance presented itself, whether with the right or left foot.  As soon as a goal was scored or a shot missed, the goalkeeper grabbed another ball and play restarted.

Click here to see some photos of the evening session.

At first the girls wanted to set themselves and make sure they hit the target, meaning not many shoots actually happened in such a small tight area.  But over time they started to realise that any shot could go in and to just have a go!  They also set themselves early to shoot from any distance, as soon as the goalkeeper gave them the ball they got their heads up and had a go!

Highlight to this was Chloe H, usually a defender, shooting early and at every opportunity, and on the night she was top goalscorer.

A great session with some fantastic outcomes and brilliant play, well done to all!

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