PostWeek 6 saw a great turn out at Huntington School futsal club with 2 new players and everyone else turning up!  Coach Chris never expected the club to grow so big in the first half term and is so impressed by everyone’s enthusiasm.

Tonight we worked on getting behind the defenders and into the corners.  We are not going to talk much on the sessions tonight but more on the players and how they are dealing with futsal.

A couple of observations so far!  The technical level of the players at Huntington is very high, pretty much they are all very good footballers.  What is very interesting to watch is the change from football to futsal.  When we do drills with limited players and achievable outcomes the futsal knowledge shines through.  They remember to use the sole of their feet to control the ball, they pass and move quickly around the court and when needed their recovery runs are done with great enthusiasm.

Where we see changes are in a match situation.  Any form of competitive end to end game and pretty much everything changes.  Players start to take on 3 or 4 opponents, usually losing the ball in the process, take much too long passing the ball, stand and watch the game from the halfway line and forget everything we have been practising.

As coaches we know a lot of this is down to the game being very new to them, the format and the rules, and we are not complaining, in fact the direct opposite!  The sessions are extremely fun to coach and some of the outcomes are breathtaking – far post finishes, great one touch play.  By the time this has been posted the boys and girls will have played a competitive game against another secondary school, so we will see what the outcomes are.  It will be very interesting to see how this club develops, we for one, just can’t wait!

Each week the boys and girls keep challenging the level of coaching and Coach Chris needs to be on his game, huge thank you to all the players involved.

LATEST NEWS – The club will continue in the second half of the term, same place and same time.  This is fantastic news and many thanks to Mr Paley for his and the school’s support!

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