With it being the first session back after the Easter holidays, and the Year 9s doing mock exams, numbers were a bit low, but that didn’t stop us having fun.

The girls started with a team warm up, with lots of cheating going on and players and coaches not knowing their left from right.  We progressed onto a possession drill where 5 players had to keep the ball off 2 others.  If they got 5 passes, they got a goal, if the defenders got the ball, they could score in either goal.  Everyone worked so hard, and some great passing and movement, brilliant to watch.  We then did a small shooting drill with Abbi making some awesome saves in goal, and Melody trying hard to miss every time – hate the ball Melody, hate the ball!!

We finished with a game in which Coach Suzy was the floating player, playing for whoever was in possession.  She had a nightmare, and kept forgetting which side she was supposed to be playing for, but great fun to watch.  She did finish with a well taken hat trick and a draw was agreed.

Girls’ player of the week – Melody – she still is as crazy as ever, but she worked so hard and never stopped running all night.  We think she will have slept well afterwards!!

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

The boys started with some 1v1 on half a court, in which if you scored you got another ball and attacked the opposite goal.  We then progressed this to 2v2 on half a court.  As soon as a goal was scored the defending team grabbed a ball and immediately attacked, very hard work and you had to keep you wits about you.

We finished with a long game in which anyone who scored had to run round the goal and touch the end of the sports hall before rejoining the pitch.  This is really hard work for everyone, as when you score you are immediately outnumbered, especially as Coach Suzy was once again the floating player.  There was some great play from Sam, Owen and Aiden, all never stopped running but special mention goes to once again to Coach Suzy for getting completely confused as to which side she was supposed to be playing for – even Aiden asked if she was doing it on purpose as she was that bad!!!  Laughed my head off!

Boys’ player of the week – Aiden – he has a seriously good engine, and great feet also.  Every time I looked up, he was in my face, where ever I was on the court, amazing work rate, and he scored a few good goals too.

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