The girls started tonight with a bit of dribbling around the court, through various cones, getting them to try different ways to go through them.  Top dribbler on the night was Abbi, lovely ‘tekkers’ on show!

We then had a bit of a rondo practice, something the girls have never done before.  We challenged the outside players to complete 20 passes, before losing it to the inside player – whoever won made the other do a forfeit.  Needless to say, the forfeits were shared out by everyone.  We progressed to a bit of 2v1 with Coach Chris defending and the superb Abbi in goal.  It was good to see the girls use the whole width of the court to make Coach Chris work hard.

In the end game, Zoe was on fire, scoring after just 10 seconds and going on to complete a stunning hat trick, very impressed.  Kim tried her hardest to ‘kick’ Coach Chris off the court but top player was Phoebe.  Her passing and control was first-rate tonight and she always does it with a huge smile on her face!

Girls’ player of the week – Phoebe – it is brilliant to see how far she has come since the last of the school year.  ‘Bob’ controls the ball well and her passing and shooting are brilliant – well deserved Phoebe/Bob!

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy

With a lot of the boys still away we worked on some 2v2 with the boys attacking different goals each time.  If you scored you grabbed a ball from the goal you have just scored in and attack the other goal.  This is really fast and hard work, the boys were all working really hard, with the help of Mr Foster.  Anything that changes the point and direction of the attack, is a great practice for futsal, as the game is very rarely just in one direction.

Some of the girls joined in and we played a similar game with 4v4 and Phoebe being the floating player, playing for whoever was in possession.  Again, when your team scored you attacked the opposite goal, just grab a ball and go, see who of your team or the opposition’s is switched on.

In the final game, we had a normal futsal match with one slight change.  If you scored, you kept possession and started again from your goalkeeper.  Some great footwork from Sam, Joel and Oli, brilliant to watch, they all worked so hard.

Boys’ player of the week – Oli – he has such good feet, and movement, gliding past defenders as if they weren’t there, very impressive to watch.  He recently played for York City Futsal Club U14s and by all accounts, impressed!  Well done Oli!

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