Tonight we had the last futsal session of the season at Manor Futsal Club.  We decided to find out who was the king and queen of the techniques!  We had 7 challenges for the players to attempt.

First up, how many keepy uppies could they do, each player had 3 goes.  Top for the boys, with an amazing 98 was Sam S and for the girls Abbi did 8.  Next we did the same but with headers, not easy with a futsal ball.  Sam A managed 6 and Abbi and Ruby drew with 4 each for the girls.

We moved onto a penalty shootout with Coach Chris in goal.  Each player had 2 goes and this time Sam A didn’t win for the boys.  After 2 penalties, Aidan and Katie had scored 1, so to sudden death and Aidan won!  We moved onto running penalties, were the player had 3 goes to score after collecting a ball from the opposite end of the court before trying to beat Coach Chris in goal.  Abbi and Matilde scored 2 each but Abbi managed it in a quicker time.  The boys all drew with none of them managing to score a single goal – top keeper Coach Chris!

Click here to see some images from the last futsal session of the year at Manor CE Academy

Next up was 30 seconds of toe taps and Sam A was back on form with 97 and Kim managed 81, both amazing.  Next challenge was target practise from the halfway line, try to knock 3 balls off cones.  Owen and Matilde managed 1 each but in sudden death Matilde won with her first go.

The final challenge was the infamous reaction game with the players picking their own opponents.  It got down to a battle of the sisters in a best of three final between Kim and Katie, with Katie coming out a 2-0 winner.

So overall champion for the girls was Abbi and for the boys it was Sam A.

We finished the night with a 15 minute each way futsal game of Girls vs Boys.  In the 1st half Coach Chris played for the girls and Coach Suzy played for the boys.  Halftime 4-0 to the girls, and in total control.  So, Coach Chris and Coach Suzy swapped and the final score ran out 7-5 to the girls.  Best of all, the standard of futsal technique, communication and over all game play was amazing, the best we have seen all year!

Thank you to everyone who had a go at futsal this season, we will be back, so enjoy summer and we will see you for the new term in September!

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