The first session back after the half-term break and with Coach Chris leaving early with half the club to play matches in Leeds for the continuation of the West Riding Girls Futsal League, Coach Paul and Ladies First Team Player Ava took training.

The session was based around the introduction of pivot play, especially to the younger age groups. They were asked to pass into a high player, receive a pass to the side and travel through on goal to try and score. They talked about how this helped and what the pivot players needed to do to help the player passing the ball. We saw some stunning finishing, and best of all, lots of huge smiles!

Players of this Week

1st Hour – Eady M – she is Bootham’s own pocket rocket – never stopping, tackling everyone and all with a huge smile on her face. Great little player and one we just love working with! Top job Eady!

2nd Hour – Isabelle S – A top player with great feet and an eye for goal. This young lady is a delight to coach, works so hard and never afraid to try something new. Great session Izzy!

3rd Hour Imogen T – one of the rising stars of the club, a player who can ghost past defender like they are not there, and today she added real hard work to her fabulous skills. Another future lady’s player?

Final thoughts of a coach – I really do like sitting down and watching sessions, observing other coaches, and seeing things in players I sometimes miss when I am coaching – today was one of those days. Players need to learn to work with different coaches, different styles and different ways to learn – one size does not fit all! I am fortunate to have Coach Paul, he is brilliant with the players, and I enjoy watching him coach – thanks mate! 

Today, I also had a long conversation with 2 parents regarding the financial situation of the club. On one hand we make sure we cover all the costs, which are a lot higher than most people would imagine without charging the earth to the parents, but this then leaves us with very little money to invest in all our future ideas. You are never going to become rich as a sports coach in the UK, especially in a sport not widely supported or known by the mainstream media – oh you’re indoor football…. They were especially shocked to hear that I had personally funded part of the ladies’ team for this season.

From the outset our mission was to keep females of all ages involved in sports for as long as possible. If this means we must make personal sacrifices, then so be it. My wife and I decided several years ago to give away free places to families you simply just couldn’t afford it – and we been well rewarded in more ways than we could have ever hoped. 

If you truly believe in something, then go out and do it. We always wanted to run a club of our own, and for the last 7 years we have had this absolute privilege. It is hard, painful, tearful, stressful, time consuming, frustrating but none of these matters when you get that one thank you from a 9 year old, or simple message from a parent. We got one such message this weekend from a parent, simply it said, ‘My daughter loved it!’

Thank you everyone, Coach Chris

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