Player Of The Year - EddieAs coaches it is always a difficult decision to honour individual players, especially when the game of futsal is definitely a team game.  But at Pro Coaching Academy we like to highlight individual success, and so the Futsal Player of the Year from Huntington School is Eddie Hopper.

Eddie is already on the books of Leeds United and has tremendous talent but we didn’t pick him for these reasons.  Eddie is one of the players who has tried really hard to apply the different techniques and tactics of futsal to his football knowledge.  Some players play futsal with the mentality of ‘a small game of football’, and consequently get caught out as the game is very different.

Eddie showed great character in learning the new game and has been an absolute pleasure to coach this year.  We wish him all the best in his football and futsal development and we hope we get the chance to work with him again very soon.

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