End Of Year

Well what started as a simple idea grew very quickly into two after school clubs at two very big York schools.

Throughout the year we have taken 47 sessions, with 42 separate players trying futsal for the first time, giving us over 700 places in total!  We have taken hundreds of photographs, shot hours of video and written about everything on the website! 

We even got the opportunity to showcase futsal to some Year 6s when they visited Manor CE Academy on an open day, and even talked to some parents at an open evening at the school.  We think it is save to say, we have been very busy!

We have given away certificates, medals, Easter eggs, selection boxes and sold beanies, shirts, balls and sweatshirts.

Check out the players of the week for both schools:- Manor hereHuntington here.

The highlight of the year was definitely the first ever schools’ futsal matches between Manor CE Academy, Huntington School and Millthorpe School.  A great night with some excellent play and great support from players, teachers and even some parents!

Huge thank you to both schools for allowing us the opportunity to coach this exciting sport to schools.  Without them we would be nowhere and the best news is they both want us back!  Watch this space!

A very special mention goes to North Yorkshire Sport and Sport England, without them we would still be talking about this and not doing it!  Thank you to everyone involved for your help.

Simply put, what a year!  Thank you to each and everyone who took part.

Lets do it again next year??

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