We had plenty of absentees this week because of the bank holiday weekend and the wonderful warm weather.  Never mind, the younger group started with a fun warm up with Katie and Tegan.

We then moved onto some running with the ball, in which the players had to run as fast as they could across the court and stop the ball using the sole of their foot on one of a numbers of different lines.  We talked about how important it is in futsal to keep the ball in play as much as possible.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Younger Group

The session was finished with some 3v3 games across the court.  We set up two courts and played for 5 minutes each game, before swapping over, making sure very team played each other.  Coach Chris introduced a rule that said after you had scored, you couldn’t score again until everyone else on your team had scored.  Some fantastic play from the younger group, with goals galore from lots of players.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

After a warm up in which Elizabeth tried to kill Alice, we moved on to the technical part of the session for the older group.  From watching videos of the games the girls have played, Coach Chris noticed his team were giving the ball away unnecessary from kick-ins.  We worked on the position of players on the court to receive the ball from various kick-ins.  We talked about how the players could use the full width and depth of the court to make sure they kept possession.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Older Group

We finished with a game in which Coach Chris randomly placed balls around the court for kick-ins to different teams.  If the kick-in was lost, that team lost a goal.  If they managed 5 passes straight from the kick-in without losing the ball, they gained a goal.  A simple practice but one that really emphasised looking after the ball!

Well, another great week at Bootham Futsal Club.  Each week the learning grows and the players knowledge of the game increases.  We love their attitude, especially the fact they never stop trying, well done to you all!

Player of the week for the Younger Group was Faith.  In the 3v3 games at the end, she really wanted to score and kept going right until the end when she finally got a goal.  Great perseverance Faith, well done, and never give up!

Player of the week for the Older Group was Lily.  She really got to grips with the kick-ins and made some great runs to support her team mates.  She has such energy, it makes me tired just watching her sometime!  Great attitude Lily!

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