Three weeks back and we topped the 30 mark for players at the sessions! We could not have imagined this kind of support after Covid so we are truly thankful.

We also had three players come and try futsal, welcome to Georgia, Aria and Hattie – we hope you had a fab time and hope to see you again very soon.

This week we concentrated on using the sole of your foot to control the ball. The sessions were all about passing and moving but real emphasis on stopping the ball in a correct manner. With lots of new players in both age groups we needed to reinforce this way of playing. The younger group did fantastic and throughout the session every player tried to use this, with some fab results. Well done to everyone!

Click here to see all the pictures from the session

The second hour has the same focus but we also emphasised the movement of the player after the ball had gone. They worked on some 2v1s across the whole court, as well as some keep ball games across the court, with teams changing when the coach instructed. With so many new players in this age group, it is fantastic to see how everyone has jelled together so well.

With over 30 members of the club, we are looking at either adding a third hour, or changing the way we run the sessions. We will send out a message in the week for all parents to let us know their thoughts. Thank you for your amazing support.

Player of the week for the younger group was Eva – She never stops running, not afraid of the tackle, and always looks out for her younger friend Ava. We love her attitude, as she never gives up. Fab performance and a real show of sportswomenship from Eva!

Player of the week for the older group was Sophie – This young lady took the brave move of moving up to play with the older group 2 weeks ago, and she has been magnificent since. She might be one of the smallest players on the court, but she has one of the biggest hearts! Awesome performance, amazing, Sophie!

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