We love to promote girls who have been or still are at our club and are showcasing female sport – Katie is definitely one of these!

She played for the club from the very first week, hardly missing any training or matches, and played at the National Futsal Finals twice. After graduating at 16, she became one of the volunteer coaches and is very well known especially by all the younger group. She is the first face they get to know and we have received many grateful messages from parents on how comfortable Katie has made their daughter feel.

Katie has just finished her BTec at York College, gaining excellent results and has decided to stick around a couple more years by studying A Levels. At the start of this season, Katie was elected to the FA Youth Council for North Riding County FA, one of nine members who are making sure the youth of our area have their voice heard. Click here to read the story on the County Website.

Katie is one of the driving forces behind the new Open Aged sessions, constantly telling Chairman Chris how much she misses playing and couldn’t we start an open age session?

Chairman Chris said about Katie, ‘We are truly honoured to have Katie at our club. She is a natural with the younger players and I know many would have walked away from our club without Katie reassuring them and really looking out for them in the first few weeks. She has been such a great supporter of the club and we hope that she continues playing futsal for many more years to come.’

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