We cannot image how hard it must be for a young lady to come and join a new futsal club, when they know no-one and in a different city. Well, this didn’t put off Martha when she joined Bootham this season. She worked so hard each and every week to improve, she listened and was extremely coachable.

But this is not why she won this award. She took it upon herself during practises and matches to make sure the so called weaker players got plenty of touches of the ball, were encouraged to try the skills we had been coaching, and generally made sure everyone was treated the same. She did all of this at her own expense – passing when she could have scored, encouraging when others would moan and supporting when players looked down. For such a young lady to show so much maturity and faith in others really impressed the coaches and we are all so proud she is at our club.

Martha may not become a professional footballer or futsal player but she will be a fantastic human being, thank you for being who you are and please, never change!

  1. This does not shock us Martha is a wonderful person, so caring and dedicated to sports and active participation in team playing. At such a young age to have the knowledge to know that the team is stronger if they work together is an attitude and character that any club will benefit from. Were proud to have her in our family.

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