Week 9 of the new season of futsal at Manor Futsal Club!

The idea behind today’s session was still recovery but with an overload element thrown in.  In the first part, we split into 4 teams with the coaches each taking a team.  We played 5 minute matches, normal futsal rules, with one exception, the team out of possession had to leave one player in the opposition’s half at all times.  This gave the team in possession the opportunity to overload the defence, or they could play safe and leave a player back to mark.  We saw both being used throughout the matches, depending on whether a team were winning or losing, great to watch.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We then progressed on to some 3v3 with the court being made shorter by moving the goals towards the edge of the Ds.  The teams started behind their own goals, and on the coach’s command, 3 from each sprinted out and played 3v3 until a goal was scored or the ball went dead. Both sides then had to sprint back and tag the next 3 players.  No players were allowed to enter the court until all their team had tagged new players, this meant if one of your players was slow recovering, the opposition got a huge advantage.  Some great work here and some of the recovery runs were brilliant to watch.  We are really trying to install in the players that they must do everything they can to keep the ball in play at all times.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan

We went back to the same teams as we started with, on the smaller court, and played 1 goal and the winner stays on.  As soon as  a goal was scored, the losing team were replaced, the winners could grab a ball from their goal and start immediately.  All the teams had to be on their toes, ready to play, or they could concede before they were ready to play.

The clip below shows the 3v3 tag game.  Phoebe passes the ball out of play, and the opposition work very hard to get off the court and tag their team mates quickly.  They get the ball and good play from Aiden sees him score, but they then work very hard to tag their team mates again.

Girls’ player of the week – Matilde – What do Matilde’s parents feed her, she is such a bundle of energy!  Since the end of last season, Matilde has improved her futsal skills, especially her tackling, she never ducks out of a tackle.  Keep up the good work!

Boys’ player of the week – Aiden – He was last year’s Player of the Year, and has continued to improve his all round play.  His passing and movement about the court has improved since last year, and he is well on the way to be a good futsal player.

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