There was a nasty ‘bug’ going around York school last week and the numbers at futsal were down due to this.  Never mind, the fit and healthy ones did brilliant and we had a fantastic session.

We started the night with the under 12s and played the running noughts and crosses game for the warm up.  Truth be told, the girls were better at it than Coach Chris, he kept missing the lines of 3!  We moved on to running with the ball.  Here, we set up a line of cones and got the girls to dribble through them, using both feet and then with a toe poke finish against the goalkeeper.  We finished this session with a race, making sure no-one hit any cones with the ball.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Under 12s

We moved on to some 1v1, sides by side in to the 2 target goals.  When the ball went dead or someone scored, the players teamed up and played 2v2.  There was some great play with this, with defenders and attackers scoring goals.  In the final match, again we had some fantastic play, with Coach Chris’s team nearly winning it at the very end with a shot from Clare, final score was 1-1.

Click here to see the images from the night’s session

Player of the week for the U11s was Holly, wow, what a difference from 2 weeks ago.  She really enjoyed herself tonight, chatting, smiling and having a great time.  Well done Holly, keep up the good work!

After the spare cone warm up, which is always brilliant to watch, the older group worked on keeping hold of the ball. They played 1v1 in a 2×2 metre square and all they had to do, was keep hold of the ball.  We worked on body shape, using your arms and only moving when the defender moved.

The last part of the night was a 1v1 half court session, which becomes a 2v1 session after the first ball goes dead.  The attacker in the 1v1 becomes the defender in the 2v1.  We worked on the girls playing at pace and using the width of the court, especially in the 2v1.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Over 12s

Players are starting to realise that keeping hold of the ball in futsal is key.  Don’t give it away cheaply! Huge thank you to all the girls for their hard work tonight.  Their journey in futsal is still very new but they are learning lots each week!

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