We welcomed three new girls tonight to the first group, Kairi, Amy M and Sophie, all as part of the FA Girls’ Football Week. You are very welcome, and we hope you had fun!

We split the first group onto 2 halves, with Coach Suzy concentrating on ball skills and basic futsal techniques.  She progressed this onto a small 3v3 game using the small portable goals.

Coach Chris worked with his group on using the space on the court.  At first every time the players made a pass they had to cross the halfway line.  This progressed to the court being split into 4 and after every pass the player had to move into a new quarter.  If there was a player already in that part of the court, then they had to move.  Both groups worked really hard and it is great to see the younger group growing week on week.

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

We finished the younger group with a huge game, in which you could only score once and then someone else had to score for your team.  We also had 4 goals, 2 small goals on halfway that anyone could score in.  We saw lots fo great determination, especially from the 3 new girls!  Not sure what the final score was but it great fun for all and we had lots of big smiles.

The older group carried on the passing and moving session from last week.  We started with 2 teams of 5 and a ball per team.  After every pass, which you couldn’t pass back to the player who passed it to you, we wanted the girls to move to a new part of the court.  We then added a second ball for each team, and counted how many passes they could do without losing the ball.

This was progressed to a keep ball session with each team working very hard to move the ball about the court as quickly and accurately as possible.  We coached the girls to use the whole width and depth of the court, making it much harder for the pressing defender to get close to the ball.

We finished with a game in which you could only score inside the D with a 1 touch finish.  The girls are showing improvements each week, and really starting to look after the ball, not giving it away cheaply. Well done to everyone at tonight’s session, fantastic attitude from all involved.

Player of the week for the Younger Group was Maja.  We know she always thinks she has to hit the ball as hard as she can, but she does work very hard and when she thinks about it, is a good player.  Well done Maja, keep improving each week!

Player of the week for the Older Group was Ruby.  To say she has such little futsal experience, her control and passing are amazing, she uses the sole of her foot pretty much every time.  She also works so very hard off the ball, great start, and a great future ahead of you, well done Ruby!

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