After 33 weeks of fantastic futsal, the coaches at Pro Coaching Academy picked their players of the year.

Rachel Player Of YearFor the girls there was only going to be one winner – Rachel Jones.

She has been pretty much at every single session since the start of the year and has developed into a confident player who never stops smiling.  As previously written about, she was nominated for an award with North Yorkshire Sport and we are still awaiting that result!

She is one of the first to arrive each week, and one of the last to leave.  She never has a bad word to say about anyone and always gives 100% in practises and matches.

All the coaches had agreed, it had been a real pleasure to coach Rachel this year, and we hope she comes back next!


Lee Player Of YearFor the boys, we chose Lee Taylor as player of the year.

Lee joined us in the very first week and from the start was very committed.  He always gives 100% and has some great ability.  It took him a while to get to grips with playing futsal and learning the differences but over time he was able to adapt his game accordingly.

The biggest difference in his play was how he learnt to include the players with less ability into the games and practises, and he was never short of a word of encouragement, unless of course it was Noah!

The coaches feel that Lee could become a very good futsal player over time, especially with his enthusiasm and bags of energy.

Lee was unable to attend the last session of the year so his framed certificate was presented the following day during form time.

To both Rachel and Lee, from all at Pro Coaching Academy, a huge well done and keep on playing futsal!

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