Exam DoorWhen we arrived at the school to set up we were met by the image on the right on the far gym door!   After a delay of nearly 30 minutes we finally got in the hall and got started!

The idea of the session today was to get the players moving around the court.  The coaches noticed that the players seemed to favour a certain position or location on the court.  At the start Coach Chris emphasised that everyone defends and attacks in futsal, so movement about the court is key!

We started with a small passing movement where players followed their pass to the next player and so on around the court.  We were looking for a good quality pass and good futsal control with the sole of their foot.

We then progressed onto a passing shape using two players with a finish at goal.  Again we were looking for a good quick movement and a shot at goal, working on a good far post finish.

In the final match the players were still trying to do far too much themselves and not releasing passes when team-mates were in better positions.  We had a break and spoke about moving the ball quickly and passing more than they were to create better goalscoring opportunities.  The players took this on board and the futsal was much better.

An observation from tonight was how the players stopped using their futsal techniques when playing in a competitive match – lack of match futsal practice, familiarity with normal football skills, or something else?  We don’t know but it is something we will watch with interest!  Another good session, thank you to all!

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