On a very hot and sticky night in the gym at Manor CE Academy, we continued the futsal journey!

We started the girls with some simple ball movements around the court – toe taps, side to sides, drag backs and other technical drills.  The girls have really improved since we started last year and their touch is so much better.

We then progressed to some 1v1 attacking and defending with a time limited on how long the attacker had to score in.  Once the attacker had shot or the ball went dead, the attacker became the defender and the cycle continued.  This was progressed onto 2v1 and finally to 2v2 with the defenders swapping after every shooting opportunity.  We were looking for the speed of the attack and the speed of the transition from attacker to defender.  At times the girls were more bothered with retrieving the ball after their own shot!

Click here to see more pictures from the latest futsal session.

With the boys we played a half court game with the only rule being you could  only score with a one touch finish.  The space was very tight and we were looking for the movement and quick passing of the players.  Some players still feel the way to play futsal is beat at least 3 defenders before trying to pass the ball!  We had a few stops and chats about using the corners of the court, how this could help us and how moving the ball quickly was also going to help.

One area we worked on was corners and restarting the game from a kick in.  Players stood right in front of the goal on corners and didn’t move towards the goals when the ball was played.  Coach Chris did a small demonstration about how hard it was to mark a player on the move, and after, the players were much more dynamic with their movement on corners.  It was great to see the learning applied to the game and some great goals were scored.

Another great session at Manor CE Academy, can’t wait for next week!

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