Post HeaderWeek 11 of Manor Futsal started with the girls ‘meeting’ the practise goals for the first time. They thought they looked very cute but did wonder how they would score in them!

The session started with girls going 2v1 against Coach Suzy, who was defending 2 goals spaced 5 metres apart. At first the girls took too long to move the ball and got too close together, making it very easy for the defender. So after some coaching they started to stay wider on the court and play the ball much quicker. Kim and Zoe did very well at this part of the practise.

Coach Chris then became the second defender, meaning the girls had to be more patient and move the ball quicker between them. Lucy was very good at passing the ball at pace and then moving to receive the pass. We moved them onto 3v2 and finally 4v2 in favour of the girls. We got them to try to keep a square shape on the court and to move the ball quickly about the court, meaning the defenders had to move to cover the space.

In the final match the girls really started to pass the ball about, but with the target goals found it a real challenge to score. Then Zoe stepped up and powered a great shot into the goal from over the halfway line, fantastic finish!

It’s getting cold and wet outside, so why not come and try futsal inside in the dry? Only £4.50 to have a go!

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

The boys did the same practise as the girls but on half a full-sized court and the starting defender was Coach Chris. As with the girls the boys took far too long to attack the goals and became very predictable in their play. It was only after some coaching they started to attack with purpose and score some goals.

As with the girls, we then went 2v2 into the two practise goals, on to 3v2 and eventually 4v2. Unfortunately, the coaches were on top all night and in the final 4v2 sessions kept 100% clean sheets throughout! The boys forgot to be patient and move the defenders around and they kept shooting from silly positions – Noah being the main culprit.

In the end match the boys really enjoyed using the target goals, as it stopped them shooting from miles away and made them really create their goal scoring chances, utilising the quick break when it was on.

Player of the Week for the Girls was Zoe – she tried really hard to pass the ball quickly and to attack at pace when she could, and the goal in the final match was an absolute cracker, well done Zoe.


Player of the Week for the Boys was Matthew – he is another one of the original group and has really started to involve his whole team in all the practises, as well as improving himself, great performance Matthew.


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