Week 10 – With a few of the girls missing this week due to illness we decided to go straight into playing a match but giving the girls some challenges during the game. We started by making sure each team kept at least two players in the opposition’s half at all times.

At first the girls didn’t realise that they could overload the opposition in the opponents half when they had the ball, choosing instead to make sure they had enough defenders back. After a quick chat they tried more players trying to score, with the knowledge that if they lost the ball they had to work back quickly.

We then reduced the number of players to only 1 in the opposition’s half, and finally none at all. We then limited the girls to only having the ball for a maximum of 3 seconds before they either shot or passed it.

During the last 10 minutes the team that conceded a goal had to remove a player from the court for a maximum of 1 minute. The girls really enjoyed this and goals were flying in all over, great to watch.

Curious to what Futsal is, why not come and have a go? Only £4.50 per session!

To see more pictures from the night please click here.

We played a similar game with the boys, but also only allowed them to score with a one touch finish. The boys started quite poorly by trying to shoot from silly positions instead of trying to work the ball quickly into good goal scoring positions.

Again they did the same as the girls by not overloading the opposition when in possession, choosing instead to defend in numbers. So to make them attack with numbers we made sure they had 3 players in the oppositions half all the time. All of a sudden goals started to fly in!

They realised by taking a chance and being patient when in possession they could create very good opportunities. We then allowed the boys to have players wherever they wanted but like the girls reduced them down to only 3 seconds with the ball. Some players decided that they could run from one end of the court under 3 seconds, without passing the ball to a team-mate! So to ensure they passed, the referees, Suzy and Chris, were allowed to issue 10 seconds penalty sin bin offences for players refusing to pass!

We finished with a normal match, and by the end of the session the passing and movement was a lot better, with some great goals being scored.

Player of the Week for the Girls was Kimberly – she missed a lot of the start of the football season due to a knee injury, but has started to get right back into it and her passing and movement was excellent tonight.


Player of the Week for the Boys was Luke – he was awarded this for an outstanding series of saves in goal. Being a Futsal goalkeeper is not easy as often you are 1v1 with the attackers, but Luke was brilliant and saved at least 5 certain goals, very impressed!


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