After the Christmas break the Manor Futsal Club started again.  With Andy being away on other duties the sessions were led by Coach Suzy and Mr Foster.

The girls started with a simple passing exercise, getting them used to controlling the ball with the sole of their foot, and moving the ball after they had controlled it.  The players practised controlling with one foot and passing back with the other – some doing better than others!

They then played a finishing game with 4v4 on a very small court.  If you scored a goal the opposition lost a player for 60 seconds.  If they scored again they opposition lost another player, and so on until one team had lost all their players.  This session is teaching the players to shoot early and when the opportunity presents itself.  Top goal scorer was Kimberly but Abbi made some amazing saves in goal!

They finished with a game in which the highlight was a brilliant saving tackle from Zoe, she saved a certain goal!

Girls’ player of the week – Katie – even though she plays in goal in football she has developed some great futsal touches and her control and passing are improving week on week, well done Katie!

Click here to see some images from this weeks futsal session at Manor CE Academy.

After a fast running warm up, the boys followed the same drill as the girls but they were also challenged to use their weaker foot when trying to control and pass the ball.

In the shooting drill, the boys really took to the game and shots were being fired in from everywhere.  Mr Foster in goal was doing well not to get hit every 10 seconds, such was the intensity of the shots.

The final match Sam came out as the top scorer with 3 fantastically taken goals, and his team ran out 4-2 winners.  The players all showed some great futsal skills and they are all improving week on week.

Boys’ player of the week – Sam – his finishing in the final match was so good, we couldn’t give the award to anyone else! Top work Sam!

We are always looking for new members! Why not come along and have a go at this fast paced, fun indoor sport?

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