postWeek 3 of the futsal at Manor CE Academy started with a game that has been all over social media recently, namely a simple game of noughts and crosses.  The girls had to run to the ‘board’ and drop a bib in their chosen square before running back and their team-mate going.  When all the bibs were used up, players could move the bibs in the grid to try to win.  Great fun for the coaches to watch and the players got seriously involved!  Might have to video it next time…

Next the girls had a shooting drill where the attacking team picked the number of players in the drill, they shouted out 1, 2 or 3 for a 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 and the defending team had to react quickly.  There was some great attacking play here with Kim and Katie both scoring good goals.

The girls finished with a match in which Coach Andy encouraged the girls to play at pace, moving the ball as quick as possible around the court.  Goal of the night came from Kimberly with a real pile driver!

Player of the week – Ruby – she has great control of the ball and a very strong shot, something the boys would be proud of!  Andy was very impressed, well done Ruby!

Click here to see images from the third futsal session at Manor.

The boys started with the same noughts and crosses drill but progressed it on to using footballs after the bibs, they had to dribble the ball to the grid.  Let’s just say Kaan had a bit of a nightmare in choosing his squares in the grid!  Never mind he never gave up!

In the boys’ shooting drill the attacking team chose how many players they were going to attack against, namely 1, 2 or 3.  If they chose 3 and scored they got 3 goals, and so on, so the more players they chose the more goals they could score.

In the final game the players were encourage to try to beat a player before passing or shooting.  This proved harder than the boys expected as the space in futsal is a lot smaller than on a normal football pitch and defenders seem to just ‘get in the way’.

Player of the week – Owen – Andy said his attitude from the first moment he walked on the futsal court was superb, he listened and gave 100% in everything he did, fantastic example, well done Owen.  Check back soon for a story on Owen!

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