postThe weeks are flying by and we are starting to get a great group of girls and boys at the Manor CE Academy Futsal club.  Their progress has been amazing, we are all impressed!

The girls started this week with a simple passing drill.  They had two balls between them all and after passing the ball to one of their team mates they ran backwards out of a marked square and then back, always making sure they were facing the ball.  They then progressed on to a shooting drill with the players playing a 1-2 with Andy before shooting at goalkeeper Ruby.  Star of the drill was definitely Ruby with some outstanding saves!

They finished with a 4v4 game with Suzy going in goal for her team.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t help them going 4-1 down after only a few minutes.  Mr Foster joined her team and with a last gasped goal the teams drew 5-5.  Coach Andy said it was a brilliant session with everyone trying really hard.

Player of the week – Abbi – this week’s player of the week was picked by Coach Suzy and she said Abbi tried really hard, never gave up and has improved so much since the first week.  Great effort and well deserved Abbi!

Click here to see images from the fourth futsal session at Manor.

The boys started with a possession game in which they had to pass the ball through their opposition into a couple of players at the far end of the court to score.  This was harder than they thought but by the end the passing and movement was the best yet.

To make up for the lack of game time over the previous weeks, Andy went straight into a game with several restrictions after this.  First the players were only allowed 2 touches in the opposition’s half, to get them to finish as quick as possible.  Next they were only allowed 2 touches in their own half, making them get the ball forward as quick as possible.

The final restriction was you could only score when all your team, except the goalkeeper, was in the opposition’s half.  If you managed to get the goalkeeper in the opposition’s half as well and managed to score you got 5 goals, a real challenge for both teams.  Coach Suzy’s side managed to score twice with everyone in the opposition’s half, but survived a few scary moments when losing the ball and having to chase back quickly.

Coach Andy said the players are beginning to adopt to futsal with some of the play very quick and inventive.  Roll on next week for more of the same!

Player of the week – Sam S – Coach Suzy said Sam never stopped running, was one of the first to do the recovery runs and she thinks he covered every square of the court!  Great attitude and brilliant effort, superb Sam!

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