With heavy rain again outside, we played on happily in the dry and warmth of the sports hall!

The younger group started with a bit of bib tennis. Great fun to watch – a few took a while to get going but in the end, everyone got there. Special mention to Poppy and Toni – appearing next year at Wimbledon!

They also worked on their finishing today with a continuous shooting practice in which all the girls tried using their left and right feet to finish with. The coaches encouraged the girls to use a toe-poke finish and boy some nearly took Coach Chris’s head off!

We finished with a full court game in which the players had the option of running the ball through 2 small goals on the halfway line or the main goals to score in. We saw some very clever play, with some of the players very much aware of who was where on the court. Fantastic session with loads of improvements by so many.

Click here to see the pictures from the session

The older group also started with some futsal tennis – but we have to be honest, the younger group were the better lot! Not quite sure what Alice and Summer were up to…

They also worked on some finishing with a 1v1 game on half a court, in which players had to try and score with as few touches as possible. This progressed to a 1v1 on the full court in which the attacking players decided which goal they attacked. The work rate from the girls was amazing, with lots of full court sprints to try and win the ball.

They also finished with the same game as the younger ones, and again we saw very clever play from the girls, spotting which goals were empty and using these instead of attacking the main goal.

Thank you to all the players for their amazing effort in both sessions and the support and encouragement from all the parents, you really do make our club very special.

Player of the week for the younger group was Anna – from the little girl who wouldn’t even say hello to us, to the chatty, confident girl we see today, what a transformation! She scored a clever goal today and just keeps getting better, well done Anna!

Player of the week for the older group was Niamh – on her day, one of the very best we have at the club. Her pace, power and especially shooting are scary, and today she was definitely on form! Well done Niamh, keep working hard, a very good session!

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