It seems like ages ago since we came up with the idea of setting up a girls’ futsal club.  Well, after nearly a year in the planning, talking, persuading and twisting arms, we finally got there!

On Sunday night, we ran the first two hours of the brand new Bootham Futsal Club.  As we had no idea of how the groups would work, we split them into 11s and under for the first hour and 12s and over for the second hour.

We had quite a few drop-outs due to illness but, touch wood, so far everyone wants to come next week!.

The first hour was spent running with the ball, controlling the ball, 1v1s and 2v1s and a bit of ball mastery.  We finished with a game, where we introduced a few of the rules and specific futsal techniques.  We challenged the girls to try to score with a toe poke, which was worth 3 goals, and boy, did they enjoy trying!  I think the smiling faces in the picture below show how much they enjoyed themselves!

We still have a few places left in this age group, so why not come and have ago, the first session is completely FREE!

In the second hour we worked on a few more advanced techniques, like controlling and moving the ball with the sole of the foot.  Some girls found this really easy and looked very comfortable, some said it felt a bit weird but stuck at it!  We also did a bit of 2v1 and 2v2 across the width of the court, showing how the space to exploit was behind the defenders.

Click here to see some more images for the very first night of the Bootham Futsal Club.

We played a two ball game to finish, where there were 2 balls on the court at once and to get a goal you had to score with both.  We explained to the girls that in a futsal match, the game changes so fast, you have to change your focus from attacking to defending quickly.

We would like to say a huge thank you to North Yorkshire Sport, who had the faith to believe in this project, and provide us with lots of support, on all levels.  We simply couldn’t have got to this stage without them, you are all fantastic!

Roll on next week, when we have even more girls coming to try futsal!

If you are interested in a free session and trying the fastest growing indoor game in the world, get in touch ASAP, we are filling up fast!

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