It was the first session of the New Year at Manor Futsal Club and we were so glad to be back, and by the looks of all the players, we have been missed!

We started with a fun warm up getting the players to run, hop, jump, dribble and other fun exercises through a set of cones.  The coaches love to challenge the players not just physically, but mentally also, by changing the rules every time – who is listening and who is not!

We moved to a 3v3 session using the whole court.  The attackers started at one end and the defenders on the halfway sideline.  The ball was played by the goalkeeper to the attackers, after the first touch, the defenders were in play.  Each attacker had to touch the ball and they couldn’t score unless every attacker was in the opposite end of the court.  If the defenders won the ball, they tried to score in the other goal.  Needless to say, the attackers struggled to create any worthwhile chances, they took far too long getting the ball forward, or one player tried to do it all himself and lost the ball.  We had a chat, and using the tactics board, suggested some ways they could improve and to be fair, they did improve and it ended up being a good little practice.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We finished the night with a few 5 minute games where you could only score with your weaker foot.  This idea was suggested to me by a coach recently and he said it is a great leveler.  The most technical players, who unfortunately rely too heavily on one foot, will find this harder than the less technical ones, and so it proved.  The best choice of finish was a toe poke from close range, huge well done to Ellen for scoring a penalty like this.

Stop Press News – We are in the process of organising a friendly futsal match, watch this space!

Another great night, and one I really enjoyed, there are certainly some characters in this club!  See you all next week!

Girls’ player of the week – Ruby – She looks so comfortable on the ball and at times it just looks too easy for her.  Great technical ability and could really be a good futsal player!  Fingers crossed she sticks at it!

Boys’ player of the week – Izac – He has been with us for over a year now and has improved so much!  All the coaches are so impressed by his attitude and he just never gives up.  It’s a huge improvement from when he first joined.  Well done Izac!

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