After a fun warm up, we split the younger group into 2 teams.  We placed a pile of balls at the centre of the court, and in turn they had to run to the centre, retrieve a ball and bring it back to their D.  When all the balls had gone, they had to run to the oppositions D and steal one of their balls.  We progressed this to include a drag back, a gate to dribble through and 2 players going at once.  Great start to the night and the girls worked so hard.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Under 12s

We moved to a dribbling and running game with the ball.  We set up a series of cones for the girls to dribble through, they then passed the ball to their team-mate, who ran back inside the cones before trying to score with a toe poke finish.  We talked to the girls about the difference between dribbling and running with the ball, some great answers and even better demonstrations.  We finished with a small game in which Katie in goal forgot how to save anything, several went straight between her legs!

Click here to see some images from this week’s sessions

The older group started with Kim and Katie trying to describe a little skill session then had done at Manor Futsal Club, not as easy as they thought, but well done for trying.  We moved onto a 1v1 using the whole court, in which the attackers started on one touch-line and the defender on the other.  This was progressed onto a 2v2 and finally 3v3, with lots of hard running by all.  We discussed how the first touch on receiving the ball helped the players attack at pace.  We also looked at the defending runs and what the priorities the defender had i.e. getting between the ball and the goal as quick as possible, delaying the attackers and if possible winning the ball.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s session plan for the Over 12s

We finished with a 5v5 game in which one team was coached to defend deep.  When they lost the ball, they immediately recovered inside their own half before they tried to win it back.  The other team was coached to press high and try to win the ball back as quickly and as early as possible.  We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of each system and how you would play against them.  There was some great play, both with and without the ball, and a great goal from Chloe, Niamh and Tegan, featuring some fantastic passing.

Considering the bad weather, what a fantastic effort from the parents and players, it really shows their commitment to the club, huge thank you from all the coaches.  We do have a few places left in both groups, the first session is FREE, so why not come and give it a go?

Player of the week for the Under 11s was Adelaide. Tonight, she carried on the really good work she did last week and gave 100% all night, brilliant to watch, she just couldn’t get enough of the ball.  Well done Adelaide!

Player of the week for the Over 12s was Niamh.  Wow, how good was Niamh tonight, she worked so hard on her technique, her running with the ball and recovery without it were fantastic and her passing, the best yet!  Fantastic session Niamh!

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