We started the session with a passing game involving all the players and the whole court.  Teams of 4 worked in the 4 quarters of the court, passing and then following their pass, trying to make the longest pass they could do.  We were looking for the players to see who could be clever with their passes and movement, not as easy as you think.

We moved on a 2v2 game that develops into a 4v4 game.  The teams play 2v2 in each half of the court, with defenders and attackers both starting on the halfway line.  When both teams have either put the ball out of play, or goals scored, then both 2v2s join together and play one 4v4 across the whole court.  We progressed this to teams deciding if they wanted to play 2v2 or 3v1 or even 4v0 in one half for the court.  During the session we had a chat about how best the attackers should play, runs and objectives for the defenders, and finally, ideas of how to score quickly.  Great discussions from all involved.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

We finished the session with some quick 4 minute games.  We challenged the players to get forward as quick as possible.  There was some great one touch play between Leon and Jacob, finishing with a couple of far post goals, superb futsal by them both.  Abbi in goal made some outstanding saves, she is absolutely fearless as a futsal goalkeeper!

The players started slowly tonight but finished with some great futsal.  Onwards and upwards, we will see you all next week!

Girls’ player of the week – Ellen – She has improved so much since she started, and scored a great goal tonight, great first time toe poke finish.  But best of all, she always does everything with a huge smile on her face, fantastic to watch!

Boys’ player of the week – James G – He is one of those players that never stops running, covers ever part of the court, and then does it all over again, great to watch.  He is a talented footballer who is starting to apply this to futsal, keep going James!

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