After the success of last week’s session, we carried on a similar idea, with lots of game time for the players.

We started with 4 teams playing each other in 6-minute matches.  The rules were that before you could score, all your outfield players had to be in the opposition’s half.  We also limited the touches of the players to 3 each when in the opposition’s half, as well as the same scorer could not score twice in a row.  Needless to say, the first game was a bit slow getting going, but after that, we saw some of the best futsal played all year.  Coaches Suzy and Simon, swapped teams to make up the numbers throughout the evening, neither stopped all session, fantastic effort.  The first hour flew by with everyone giving 100%, great recovery runs and some stunning goals.

Click here to see some images from tonight’s session

With Coach Chris feeling under the weather, we decided to not stop for the part practice but carry on with more game time.  We altered the rules again, with every player, including the goalkeepers having to be in the opposition’s half before you could score.  We reduced the game time to 5 minutes as the players were beginning to tire.

Click here to download a copy of this week’s proposed session plan!

The games didn’t flow nearly as much this time, but we still got some good play.  The goalkeepers kept forgetting to cross the halfway line, with Harley twice denying his side goals but staying in his own half!  His excuse, he forgot, twice!

It wasn’t the session we planned, but the players all gave 100% and with so much game time, the players have started to realise how much physical and mental effort the game of futsal is.  Hopefully back to some proper coaching next week, let’s hope Coach Chris feels better.

Have a look at the clips below, showing a goalkeeping mistake from Aiden, a great passing goal for the Red team, a bad miss from Coach Suzy, and a fantastic bit of skill from Sam!

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