At the end of the each years FA Futsal Qualifying Tournaments, all the coaches sit down and decide on one player who has impressed the most from all the various age groups. We always take into account attitude, application, determination and enjoyment. This year the decision was totally unanimous, with all the coaches agreeing on one player – Lacey B – U12.

What the coaches really like was the way she just got better and better in each game. By the end of the tournament she was dominating the game. Lacey just looks so comfortable on the ball, especially for her age. Her passing and vision are as good as any player in the club and her determination in the tackle has to be seen to be believed.

Head Coach Chris said about Lacey, ‘I have been involved in female football/futsal for nearly 20 years and Lacey really does stand out as a serious future prospect. Obviously I hope it is in futsal, but she has all the attributes to go all the way in either sport. She is keen to learn, happy to be challenged and never once complains. The way she dealt with playing against her grassroots football club in the final game, against her school friends, showed huge maturity for an U12, and I am so pleased we managed to win for her. And best of all she does all this with a smile on her face! Well done Lacey, simply brilliant!

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