Week 11 PostThis week at Huntington we started with attacking with an overload.  We kicked off with one yellow taking a 10 metre penalty.  Score or miss, the goal keeper immediately played in two attackers and the penalty taker became the defender.  The attackers attacked the opposite end of the court in a 2v1.  After this play ended, the opposite goalkeeper quickly fed in two new players to create a 3v2 going the other way.  Final transition was two new players coming back again in a 4v3 the other way.

Players had to react quickly from being attackers with an overload to defenders who were outnumbered.  It is a very hard exercise as the transitions are very quick and you use the whole of the court.  We were impressed by the commitment of all the players, they worked really hard to cover the court and some great one touch, far post goals were scored.

In the match we challenged the players to move the ball quickly.  We didn’t put any restrictions on the players, just emphasised the need to move the ball about the court quickly and with as few touches as possible.  Huge well done to Grace, who scored some great goals and worked really hard both in defence and attack.

The players really got to grips with futsal tonight and their play was very pleasing to watch, well done and we can’t wait for next week.

Nut 10 - Josh

From week 10 we have an extra award for Joshua, who somehow managed to nutmeg Coach Chris, who was in goal at the time, and score a brilliant goal!  Coach Chris says he let it in, just to keep Joshua happy…not sure about that!

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