We started this week with some individual speed work against the clock.  Each player had 3 chances to collect a ball, run at the goalkeeper, Mr Foster and score, then run back, get another ball and repeat the process.  The players learnt that scoring was more important than trying to have a quick time. Some brilliant play from all the girls with Zoe managing a perfect 3 out of 3, well played!

In the match we looked for good futsal play with emphasis on running with the ball to create space.  The girls have really improved over the last month and they are no longer standing still waiting for the ball, great to watch.

If any team got a corner we made the defenders leave two players at the opposite end of the court.  At first the girls didn’t use this advantage but in the end they slowed down the corners and scored a couple of good goals.

To see some images of the players in week 31 click here.

With the Year 9s missing due to a school trip, the other boys did the same drills as the girls but the runs were slightly longer.  Big well done to Joel and Oli who tried the full court with 5 balls, they realised how long a futsal court can be!

Really good session for everyone, some great futsal played.  The players have really taken to the game and it is great fun to coach them all.

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