01Manor Futsal Club was set up with help from Sport England and North Yorkshire Sport and is funded under the Satellite Club Project.  Each year they ask people to nominate the Satellite Club Of The Year and The Satellite Club Participant Of The Year to showcase the wonderful work these Satellite Clubs do.

We are delighted to say that Rachel Jones was nominated by coaches Chris & Suzy and her application was chosen as one of the best three in our region and has been sent to the national finals to be judged.

These are some of the highlights from her nomination form:

“She found out about the satellite through taster sessions held at the school, and was taken along by one of her friends who plays football outside of school. The first few weeks of the club, Rachel kept herself to the back of the sessions and close to her friend. But as the weeks progressed her confidence within the group and in her own ability increased, she became a prominent and inspiring member of the session.”

“She says she now feels sportier and looks forward every week to the club.  Futsal is very physical and she tells us she feels like she has more energy and confidence.”

 “She likes the fact that there is a mix of girls so she’s got to know people she doesn’t normally hang out with and she thinks Chris and Suzy make it fun. She enjoys the physical exertion too, even though she’s hot and tired when she gets home.  From our point of view, she’s getting exercise which is good. It also gets her out of her bedroom and off the iPad! – Mum”

Watch this space to see how Rachel does – the results will not be announced until the first week of August 2016, needless to say Rachel is very excited!

Well done Rachel from all at Pro Coaching Academy – a true inspiration to all!

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